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Cubic Spaces Op. 6 for eight trumpets by Jeff Cortazzo available at hickeysmusic.com. copyright 2009 Jeffcortazzo/eccentric music. David Artley, trumpet

The Hunt for the Beast Beyond the Wall was composed by Denver Brass' own, Andrew Wolfe. The Hunt tells the story of a giant beast. A brooding movement, at the beginning, you can almost hear the beast snarling, relentless, frantic and terrifying, while a captivating melody soars over the jagged accompaniment. David Artley, Principal Trumpet

Sonic Tonic for Brass & DJ by Darren Kramer is an exploration of sound and rhythm intended to inspire the mind and satisfy the soul. A modern blend of live performance and cutting-edge technology, it will incorporate real-time audio effects, live looping, and electronic beats with the Denver Brass. Sonic Tonic was written, arranged and produced by Darren Kramer (aka DJ DKO), as commissioned by Denver Brass. As an Electric Trombone DJ, Kramer pushes the boundaries of brass music with this forward-thinking piece. David Artley, Principal Trumpet

Altitude 5280 was composed by Charles Denler. Titled by Denver's signature altitude, exactly one mile above sea level, this new work is designed to be rhythmically driving, uplifting, and reflective of the cultural fusions of our city. Emmy award winning composer, Charles Denler, used the number 5-2-8-0 as the framework for intervals of the melody. The main melody, first stated by the trumpets, goes up a fifth(5), down a second(2), up an octave(8), then repeats the same note(0). These intervals, found in every piece of music, are arranged and performed in such a distinct way as to say, "The Denver Brass." David Artley, Principal Trumpet

WUSA Channel 9 TV Denver, Colorado and Company, Wednesday, January 2, 2019

O Holy Night (Cantique de Noel), arranged by Les Stallings for The Denver Brass- featuring solo trumpet and voices. The Denver Brass; David Artley, trumpet; Steve Taylor, baritone; Aubrey Jacobs, soprano; Warren Deck, conducting.